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What is Body to Body massage ?

A body to body massage is a form of massage where both client and masseuse are both undressed and the masseuse will use her hands and body to give a full body massage. This is extremely erotic and sensual and more often than not, it ends with happy endings, ensuring the client leaves fully relaxed and relieved of tension whatsoever.

In some countries in Asia, a soapy body to body massage is offered first. Once the masseuse gets a room for both of you, she will then fill a bathtub with warm water and soap as you undress and you enter the bathtub. She will join you in the bath tub, starts washing you from top to bottom and pays special attention to your genitals. She ensures you are clean before leaving the tub for a fully body to body massage. She will get on her knees and use gel to cover your whole body. Once you are oiled, she will use her hands to massage your body and will also use her body to massage every part of you which creates wonderful erotic sensations all over your body.

Here are some ways you can benefit from a body to body massage;

1.    Reduces stress and anxiety - A body to body massage is done in a manner which is erotic and sensual. The act of being massaged on every part of your body is a great way to make you fully relaxed, put your mind at ease and ensures you are free from any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

2.    Great mood booster - Once the masseuse lays her hands and body on you in a seductive and soothing manner, this improves your mood instantly, making you feel happy and relaxed even long after the massage is over. Many massage parlours offer happy endings and this is a sure way to ensure you relieve any sexual tension and you leave the parlour feeling wonderful and happy.

3.    Relieves pain - When one goes for a massage, muscles are soothed and massaged which helps ease any pain and soreness you may be feeling. A body to body massage will also help relieve any muscle pain you may have since it causes a release of happy hormones and hormones which help you relax, rejuvenate and feel great.

4.    Improves immune function - A great body to body massage will increase lymphocytes, which are white blood cells and will help improve your immune system.

5.    Improved sleep - After a sensual and erotic body to body massage, the body is able to fully relax and this leads to a good night's sleep.

6.    Relieves headaches and migraines - Like many massages, body to body massages are great are easing any tension which can cause headaches and migraines. It is well known that a body to body massage is great at lifting ones mood especially after a long and hard day.


A body to body massage is a great erotic massage option which ensures your body is relaxed and helps relieve any sexual tension and anxiety. 

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