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Nuru - a slippery massage form from Bangkok

There are many types massage available in Asia and one of the more erotic massages which are now being incorporated in many massage parlours across the world is the Nuru massage. Nuru massage first originated in Bangkok and the word 'Nuru' literally means slippery. What makes Nuru massage unique is that the masseuse uses a special Nuru gel which is composed of sea weed components and it is extremely sleek and slippery.

The gel is applied to the client who is fully undressed naked and the masseuse then uses her naked body to massage the client for full body on body contact. The room is dimly lit, soft music playing in the background and scented candles are used to create an enticing and relaxing mood. The lady will then slowly massage your body, pouring oil on your body and her too and using every part of her body, she will slowly work to easing away any tension and relaxes you using her fingers, hands, toes, breasts and bum. As more oil is dripped on your body and hers, you feel a heightened sense of pleasure as the massage awakens all sensations in your body. More than igniting sensuality, there are many health benefits of a Nuru massage, some of which are;

1.    Eases stress - The act of using one's body on another is extremely relaxing and it is a great stress reliever. It is sensual and receiving a Nuru massage leaves one feeling truly at ease, relaxed and practically reborn. People say that a Nuru massage is a great way to truly relax the muscles and ease any worries and stress you may have.

2.    Awakens sensations all over the body - The gel used in the Nuru massage allows for a greater contact between bodies, and the effect can be felt from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. The massage awakes all nerve centres and sensations all over the body which is great for one's health and well-being.

3.    Great for the skin - The gel is known to be rich in nutrients and has qualities which ensures the skin remains rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals which once absorbed in the skin, leaves ones looking and feeling amazing.

4.    It is very rejuvenating - A Nuru massage allows for more blood flow all over the body, rejuvenating the body and ensuring for better blood circulation. This leads to the body functioning much better with more blood flow to the skin, hair, nails and all parts of the body, ensuring you are healthy, rejuvenated and it gives a heightened feeling of well-being.

5.    Increased flexibility and posture - The act of a massage works well on muscles and this is great for promoting muscle growth and enhancing flexibility all the way from your back, shoulders, legs and your abdomen. A part of the massage includes enhancing blood flow to the back and spine which is great for improved posture.


A Nuru massage is a natural and sensual massage with so many health benefits for your well-being and for total relaxation.