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Why Tantric massage is good for your health ?

Tantric massage is a form of massage which originated from India. It is about balancing of energies and some of the true tantric massage therapists follow a certain set of guidelines for a truly tantric experience. One of the important elements of a tantric massage is ensuring that a relaxing place is set for the client. This can be on a bed or on a mat but it needs to be in quiet, peaceful and serene environment where one can truly unwind and relax.

Aromatherapy is used in every session and is enhanced through the use of ambient music, scented candles which are lit and the use of incense. Smell and sound are such potent aspects of one's experience and it is vital to create the mood through aromatherapy.  Breathing and meditation instructions are given to aid the client to unwind and it enhances the tantric experience which is important for a wholesome experience and for greater relaxation. The massage techniques used are all geared to open, balance and reactivate Chakra energies. This will trigger the natural body chemicals through the act of sensual and erotic stimulation.

All these steps are followed to ensure that the sexual stimulating action is greatly enhanced. It has quite a number of benefits which are; it helps to release endorphins and natural reserves of serotonin and oxytocin and other vital hormones which help make one feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Balancing Chakras is the true element of a tantric massage, unlike a sensual or body to body massage whose main goal is sensual and erotic, great for relieving stress and anxiety.

Here are some benefits of a tantric massage;

1.    Improves blood flow - The act of receiving a tantric massage is great for improved blood circulation. The stroking and long sensual movements are great for the body, mind and soul and this is what makes tantric massage especially unique since it not only enhances body, but it rebalances an individual's 7 primary energies.

2.    It helps one sleep better - Tantric massages are well known to help alleviate sleep related disorders. It helps put the muscles and body at ease which in turn helps one get better quality of sleep days after the massage since the body still benefits from the effects of the massage.

3.    Relieves headaches and migraines - Most massages are known to ease the tension which causes headaches and migraines and a tantric massage is one of them. The increased blood flow to all parts of the body ensures less tension and eases the mind, eliminating the causes of headaches and migraines.

4.    Relaxed mental capacity - A great massage is known to help relieve any stress one may feel. It relieves any mental clog and helps one feel emotionally and mentally refreshed which helps one feel relaxed and at ease.

5.    Pain relief - A tantric massage is known to release endorphins which are the body's happy hormones. This helps ease any pain and aches you may be having in your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and pain free.


You can enjoy the full benefits of a tantric massage by visiting an experienced tantric masseuse to feel truly rejuvenated.